“Seasons for Berries”

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In this Theme, children learn that berries grow for animals and for people.  They grow in the forest for animals and in gardens or berry orchards for people.  There are many ways to eat berries, fresh picked from the berry bushes, canned as jam or jelly, dried, and in pies.  That way you can eat berries in all seasons.

The process of growing berries begins with planting them, picking them, eating them, pruning the berry canes, raking the mulch over autumn and winter, and then watching for the new leaves that signal the new berries are getting ready to grow again in the Spring.

There is a page of cards to cut up and distribute to the children in your playgroup or Sunday School who are learning to sing the songs.  It is fun to build up a personal library of cards which show which songs the child has learned to sing.

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