“I Am All-in-all”

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It is so important for little children (and adults) to know that they are safe.  We cannot always depend on the things around us, a job, the neighborhood, the government, the climate, but we can go inside our minds and hearts and listen quietly to find our safe place.  Within our hearts, we can feel peace and gentleness and love.  We can do this during storms outside or when close friendships seem shaky.  We can always feel the love and peace and safety from within.

This song came to me while I was driving to a meeting.  I had not been able to sing for a while.  As I sang the first verse several times, I kept adding on to it.  By the time I got to my meeting, I was happily singing all the verses and chorus.  When I transcribed it from my notes, I was led to add the chant and fingerplay.


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