“Brand New Garden”

One of the reasons to have a garden is to grow vegetables and berries.  Another reason is to grow herbs.  Sometimes people enjoy flower gardens.  I planted a completely new kind of garden in my yard.  For the past several years, I have been filling up my yard with perennials and native plants.  When I learned how much water is conserved by a garden like that, I became very interested.  When I also learned how much pollution is eliminated by not having a lawn to mow, I became convinced.

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Little by little, year by year, I observed how much light different parts of my yard received.  As part of the Master Gardener program, I had a soil analysis done.  Using the soil I had, I planted appropriate plants for my region’s soil type.  Over a period of about ten years, my yard has filled up with plants and edibles that I only watered for a few weeks when they were first planted.  I have ended up with over fifty different types of plants.

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There are sources on-line where you can find out what grows naturally in your area.  You can also go to the local university Agricultural Extension office.  They will be able to give you a list to take to your local plant nursery.  I had many plants that did not survive in my yard.  But over time, I found many which did.  After watering my plants for a few weeks, I learned how to “neglect” my plants so they really could get used to the natural growing conditions in my area.

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