“Young Animals” Chant

Part of the fun of our language is naming.  In “Young Animals”, young children get to learn the names of animals and their babies.  Every type of animal in the ocean, land or air, has a special name for its baby.  Some baby animals have the same names even though their parents have different names. (Rabbits and cats both have kittens.)  The rhythm of this chant helps you to remember the names of parent animals and baby animals.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.16.39 PM

There are word cards to cut out at the end of the chant.  You may read a parent animal  name and ask your child to answer with the baby animal name or read the baby animal name and receive the parent animal name that matches.  You may help your child match the parent and the baby names as he learns to read.  As you repeat this process may times during the month, with your child sitting next to you and helping you with the cards, you will both feel the excitement as she gets involved with the reading process.

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