“What I Have to Give and Receive”

This Theme identifies some of the most important qualities in our lives.  It shows how we live when we are sharing and giving.  When we hear that it is good to share our love, our time and our attention, we validate those activities in our lives.  It is important for our young children to hear that innocence and friendship are valuable.  It is important for them to hear that knowledge and trust are real practices.  That sincerity and honesty are part of their every thought.  We can help imbed these ideas in our young children when we sing and talk about them.

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When you share this Theme with your child, hold him in your lap.   Bounce him up and down as you say the chant, “What Do I Give With All My Heart?”  Touch her fingers one by one as you say the fingerplay, “I Am Giving of My Heart”. Wrap your arms around your baby and sway back and forth as you sing the song, “What Do I Have to Give?” and learn the answers to that question.

You are your child are sharing intimate, trusting time.  This is a time for quiet, for reassurance, for peace.  It is a good way to go to sleep, in each other’s arms, peacefully reflecting on the ideas of giving and sharing.

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