“Starting a Garden”

Whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner, you will go through the same steps when you start your garden each year or each season.  Preparing the garden means you prepare the soil and add mulch to help contain the moisture.  Then you plant your seeds, water them, and let the sun do its work.  Later, you get to enjoy the harvest of your vegetables and flowers.  It is valuable to take your part in the cycle of growing food and flowers.

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The Chant, “What Do You Do to Start a Garden”, the Fingerplay, “My Garden Has…”, and the Song, “What Do You Do With a Piece of Ground?” take you through all the steps of starting a garden.

The verse of the Song “What Do You Do With a Piece of Ground?” will sound familiar to you.  It has the same tune (with different words) as the chorus in the Song for the Theme, “I am a Gardener”.

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