“High and Low Sounds”

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Two-Tone Guiro

I have had the most fun introducing the two-tone guiro to my pre-school students.  It is a little bit heavy for them, so I usually hold it while they are getting used to producing the sounds.  They can tap it (for a short sound) or scrape it (for a long sound).  Since there are two different lengths for the sound tubes, they learn which one is higher pitched (the short one) and which one is lower pitched (the long one).  The two-tone guiro is ideal to teach the very important concept of indeterminate pitch, high and low pitch, rather than high and low loudness, or volume.

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The Chant in this Theme lets you play with your voice, making low sounds and making high sounds.  The Fingerplay lets you be silly as you slide your voice up for the high sounds and slide your voice down for the low sounds.  The “Low, High” Song lets you feel the sensation of your voice sustaining low sounds and high sounds.

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