“Precious Baby”

This Theme is appropriate for babies, 0-2’s and for very young children, 3-5’s.  It teaches how to speak to babies so that they begin to understand vocabulary.  A child who is an older brother or sister can use this Theme during play with a baby sister or brother.

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My two-year-old classes would pretend to hold their baby in their arms and to rock it as we sang “Precious Baby Girl and Boy”.  We would lower our voices and just whisper the last verse before we tucked our baby in the bed and said “Goodnight, baby”.

The rhythm of the action words in the Chant as you introduce the names of parts of the body, (toes, eyes, etc.) creates deep memory.  Since all children are precious, it is valuable to be reminded of this.  It gives a child a deep feeling of security to be held and told “You are mine”, as in the Chant and the Fingerplay.  When I asked the children to choose a song, “Precious Baby Girl and Boy” was a favorite request in my classes for two-year-olds.  It is very comforting to rock and sing, both for the parent and the child.

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