“Who I Am”

“When we love who we are, we can love each other and create happiness and peace.”  This is one of the lines from the meditation at the beginning of this music book, “Who I Am”.

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Action words in the chant “I Am Me and You Are You”, help identify a young child to herself.  Sharing time together with a parent or special person while having fun deepens that identity.  In the Fingerplay, “Who I Am”, the young child learns to identify himself with qualities such as happy, honest, good, calm.  The Song, “I Am a Beautiful Child” identifies ways a child uses the five senses, plus the abilities to think with the mind and to love with the heart.

I taught this theme to about three hundred children in two pre-schools with a total of fourteen classes over the period of a month.  We all had the fun of chanting together, keeping a beat, and singing these wonderful words to describe ourselves.

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