“Spiders”, a Theme for older children

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The “Spiders” Theme uses scientific facts to tell us about spiders.  With tens of thousands of spider species, it was hard to choose what to talk about.  The Chant is called, “About Spiders”.  It tells about different kinds of web shapes and patterns and colors which identify spiders.  The Fingerplay is called “Graceful Spider”.  It tells about spinning a web.  There is a little extension for the pinky finger’s part while we all count the eight legs of a spider.

The jazzy shuffle rhythm of the song, “Spiders Are Part of the Natural World”, swings us into the melody with a rhythmic pronunciation of scientific vocabulary, a sure way to keep it in memory.  Here is how I wrote it.   As I read my words, I realized I wanted it to have a shuffle beat.  So I just started kind of singing anything as I read and the tune that “happened” is so very simple and almost silly.

But who am I to question the Universe?, especially as It is so very generous!  So there is this cute, hokey melody, with scientific vocabulary in this theme for older children.  Bet they’ll never forget the scientific terms once they’ve spoken them in the Chant and sung them to this rhythm!

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