“I Am a Gardener”

One of the best things about gardening is the outdoor activity.  It is so beautiful to watch little plants growing.  Another wonderful thing is that garden activities are very appropriate for young children.  They can see the progress of the plants and they also learn patience and responsibility.  They even get to taste the harvest.  Sometimes, a child will try something new in a garden because it is something they grew.

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The Chant is called, “That’s What They Call a Green Thumb” and it explains the steps from planting to harvest along with garden enjoyment in general.  The Fingerplay is called “As a Gardener…”.  As you touch each of your child’s fingers, say a line.  The Song is called “I Am a Gardener”. In a simple tune with chorus, you review many of the gardening activities you have learned about in the rest of the Theme.  It is totally fun to act out the motions of digging and moving dirt as you sing the chorus!  This theme will help you become part of the growing community of gardeners.

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