“Innocence and Safety”

The Theme, “Innocence and Safety”, encourages children to feel safe.  The short meditation at the beginning of the music book describes how we hear and know where we need to be through the thoughts that come to us when we need them.

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The Chant is called “Inside My Very Own Mind”.  It directs us to look inside our thoughts for calm and direction.  The Fingerplay is “Stay Safe”.  There are many practical ways, as children,  to keep ourselves safe.  The Song is “Who Do You Know?”  There are many people we know who keep us safe, including a policeman.

When you share this song with your child, you are giving her many ways to feel safe.  Some of them are with you and some of them are with other people who are close to him.  The most valuable thing though, are the thoughts of calm which help direct your child when there is a need.  You can cultivate a feeling of confidence and safety as you teach your child this Theme.

Kathryn Hardage

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