“The Metronome”

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“The Metronome” describes how keeping a steady beat in music leads to strength and speed.  Through a Chant, a Fingerplay and a Song, it illustrates the ways that musical life improves with the patience of working with a metronome.  You can begin with keeping a simple steady beat with a simple musical pattern. You will learn to concentrate on the little things that build your muscles and technique.  As you are patient and obedient in the numerous repetitions that building muscles takes, you will discover that your flawless movements allow you to build speed flawlessly.

This is the only secret of playing very well.

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“How Water Comes Into Your House”

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The Music Story “How Water Comes into Your House” is written for Xylophone.  Using the notes of the xylophone with their letter names, the story progresses from raindrops which fall onto the ground, lakes, prairies, all the way to the aqueducts which supply our water through wells and then are piped into our houses.  An alternative method connecting with the rainwater into houses is also described.

Children learn the sequence as it is repeated and more places that rainwater falls are added.

Playing the tones on the xylophone is a fun way to read the music and the story together.

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“Conserve Water”

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“Conserve Water” describes many of the ways that water is valuable to us and to all life on our planet.  Through a Chant, a Fingerplay and a Song, it lists the things that depend on water, how we are energized by water and practical ways to conserve water in our lives.  You can begin by observing the many ways water affects you and the planet.  Each time you take a step to become more aware of water in your life, you are helping the planet.

You and your child, together, are taking care of your little part of the earth when you do this. Thank you for your awareness,

Kathryn Hardage

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage   www.MyMusicalMind.com

“I have a musical mind,musical indeed.” –Kacky Muse