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Making good friends by being a good friend is the most true advice.  The simple values of  goodness, honesty, and trust are enduring.  They create the foundation for the enjoyment of spending time together.  It is good to recognize that we all enjoy the effects of these simple values.  Children improve their understanding of friendship by hearing the vocabulary to describe it.  They build an expectation for themselves to live in such a way as to be a good friend and to also recognize what makes a good friend.

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“My Birthday”

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I am astounded to discover that this birthday theme wants to be categorized as a Spiritual Treasure Theme.  It is for older people, i.e., even for adults.  It discusses realizing our purpose and fulfilling it.  I love to be able to celebrate the real reasons I am here on this earth at this time.   We celebrate more than just completing one year and starting another.  Growth in character, skills and abilities are significant steps and way marks.  The qualities and characteristics which make this kind of progress possible is what we value in this Theme.

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“I Am All-in-all”

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It is so important for little children (and adults) to know that they are safe.  We cannot always depend on the things around us, a job, the neighborhood, the government, the climate, but we can go inside our minds and hearts and listen quietly to find our safe place.  Within our hearts, we can feel peace and gentleness and love.  We can do this during storms outside or when close friendships seem shaky.  We can always feel the love and peace and safety from within.

This song came to me while I was driving to a meeting.  I had not been able to sing for a while.  As I sang the first verse several times, I kept adding on to it.  By the time I got to my meeting, I was happily singing all the verses and chorus.  When I transcribed it from my notes, I was led to add the chant and fingerplay.


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“What I Have to Give and Receive”

This Theme identifies some of the most important qualities in our lives.  It shows how we live when we are sharing and giving.  When we hear that it is good to share our love, our time and our attention, we validate those activities in our lives.  It is important for our young children to hear that innocence and friendship are valuable.  It is important for them to hear that knowledge and trust are real practices.  That sincerity and honesty are part of their every thought.  We can help imbed these ideas in our young children when we sing and talk about them.

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When you share this Theme with your child, hold him in your lap.   Bounce him up and down as you say the chant, “What Do I Give With All My Heart?”  Touch her fingers one by one as you say the fingerplay, “I Am Giving of My Heart”. Wrap your arms around your baby and sway back and forth as you sing the song, “What Do I Have to Give?” and learn the answers to that question.

You are your child are sharing intimate, trusting time.  This is a time for quiet, for reassurance, for peace.  It is a good way to go to sleep, in each other’s arms, peacefully reflecting on the ideas of giving and sharing.

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“Innocence and Safety”

The Theme, “Innocence and Safety”, encourages children to feel safe.  The short meditation at the beginning of the music book describes how we hear and know where we need to be through the thoughts that come to us when we need them.

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The Chant is called “Inside My Very Own Mind”.  It directs us to look inside our thoughts for calm and direction.  The Fingerplay is “Stay Safe”.  There are many practical ways, as children,  to keep ourselves safe.  The Song is “Who Do You Know?”  There are many people we know who keep us safe, including a policeman.

When you share this song with your child, you are giving her many ways to feel safe.  Some of them are with you and some of them are with other people who are close to him.  The most valuable thing though, are the thoughts of calm which help direct your child when there is a need.  You can cultivate a feeling of confidence and safety as you teach your child this Theme.

Kathryn Hardage

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“Giving” is one of our Spiritual Treasures.

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It encourages each of us look for the gifts we have within us.  LIttle children have so many gifts.  Their curiosity, willingness to explore and try new things, their innocence.  We, in turn, are prompted to share our gifts with them, protection, nurturing, understanding, compassion and encouragement.


The Chant in this Theme is called, “What Do We Give?”  We give our love, peace, imagination and solutions.  The Fingerplay is called, “Giving Means…”.  It lists several ways we give.  The Song is called “Giving, Giving”.  It shares the ideas of giving through imagination and by being the best we “can ever be”.


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Compassion means feeling for others what you feel for yourself.  This is how I described compassion in a song I wrote for my pre-schoolers about the gifts they can share.  I expanded this concept into a whole Theme, with a Chant, a Fingerplay and a Song.

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When you share these words with your child, you are showing him how important they are.  Sit your child in your lap and bounce her gently as you say the Chant “Just Like Me”.  Then touch each finger as you say the Fingerplay, “What I Am Is What You Are”.  Repeat the fingerplay touching the fingers on his other hand.  The “Little Loving Song” has a melody that is similar to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” with just a slight difference.  It is a song which you can pass along to each child in a circle if you are in a play group, circle time, or Sunday School.

When each child feels these words directed at him, they become part of his life.  We are all precious.  We are all compassionate.

“I have a musical mind, musical indeed.”  –Kacky Muse

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“Love IS”

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This book presents a  Spiritual Treasure Theme consisting of a Chant, a Fingerplay and a Song.

“Love IS” gives the parents words to describe the the feelings of love and abundance which are here for everyone.

It is fun to play with your child. The words we share help our children learn about his/her life. Describing our feelings helps develop vocabulary.

As you share this Theme, you will see how your child responds and you will be able to see how these ideas shape feelings and actions.

As your child grows, you will see anticipation in her eyes and hear the words as he reads with you.


Themes for Songs, Chants, Fingerplays

There are five different types of themes for very young children.

The topics are Family and Community (F&C), World of Gardening (WOG), Seasons and Celebrations (S&C), World of Nature (WON), and Spiritual Treasure (ST).

Each Theme has a Chant, a Fingerplay, and a Song.

As you spend ten minutes of daily dedicated time with your child when you say the Chant, work the Fingerplay and sing the Song, your child will learn them with you.  Built on the intimacy between parent and child, these valuable ideas, vocabulary, humor, and charm will become part of your child’s personal concept of him/herself.  These will be the activities and values which you share together.

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