“Gifts in My Family”

“Gifts in My Family” evolved out of my desire to write a song about gifts for the holidays.  This book explores the difference between a thing and a thought.  This song shows the gifts we can give all the time.  One of the children really understood when he told me “I have 100 gifts.”

The children who were in my classes at the time decided they wanted to add more gifts.  So we made up “The Second Ten Gifts” and “The Third Ten Gifts”.  You can add more and more gifts when you sing this song.

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Chant: “Curve Your Fingers When You Play” creates some humor as it draws attention to a musical technique through getting ready for this holiday.

Fingerplay: “Halloween Sounds” describes the types of sounds made by typical Halloween characters.

Song: “Halloween is a Night for Scares” describes the activities of going “Trick or Treating” and some of the traditions of Halloween parties.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage    www.MyMusicalMind.com    KackyMuse@gmail.com     “I have a musical mind, musical indeed.” —Kacky Muse


I wrote this Theme as the school year ended.  Even my pre-school students were thinking about summer.  We talked about what they would be doing.  I remembered how summer felt to me as a child.  Sometimes, just a smell of hot asphalt or a breeze across a field brings back those feelings of summer.

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Themes for Songs, Chants, Fingerplays

There are five different types of themes for very young children.

The topics are Family and Community (F&C), World of Gardening (WOG), Seasons and Celebrations (S&C), World of Nature (WON), and Spiritual Treasure (ST).

Each Theme has a Chant, a Fingerplay, and a Song.

As you spend ten minutes of daily dedicated time with your child when you say the Chant, work the Fingerplay and sing the Song, your child will learn them with you.  Built on the intimacy between parent and child, these valuable ideas, vocabulary, humor, and charm will become part of your child’s personal concept of him/herself.  These will be the activities and values which you share together.

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