“School and Holidays”

F&C School and Holidays 2014-03-24

Chant, Fingerplay and Song

We start the school year with many lessons centered around the celebrations of our culture through holidays.  This Theme captures the school year through holidays and expands our understanding of community.  There are many things we can learn and experience in our neighborhoods, through what our friends can share with us and what we can share with them.

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In simple terms, “Democracy”, expresses the ideas of “equality” and the “greater good”, and fair laws.  The three principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, or brotherhood, are the basis for our U.S. government and its laws.  When young children acquire this vocabulary as they experience growing up, they become more familiar with how they can take part in expressing and participating in democracy in their daily lives.

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“Precious Baby”

This Theme is appropriate for babies, 0-2’s and for very young children, 3-5’s.  It teaches how to speak to babies so that they begin to understand vocabulary.  A child who is an older brother or sister can use this Theme during play with a baby sister or brother.

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My two-year-old classes would pretend to hold their baby in their arms and to rock it as we sang “Precious Baby Girl and Boy”.  We would lower our voices and just whisper the last verse before we tucked our baby in the bed and said “Goodnight, baby”.

The rhythm of the action words in the Chant as you introduce the names of parts of the body, (toes, eyes, etc.) creates deep memory.  Since all children are precious, it is valuable to be reminded of this.  It gives a child a deep feeling of security to be held and told “You are mine”, as in the Chant and the Fingerplay.  When I asked the children to choose a song, “Precious Baby Girl and Boy” was a favorite request in my classes for two-year-olds.  It is very comforting to rock and sing, both for the parent and the child.

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“Innocence and Safety”

The Theme, “Innocence and Safety”, encourages children to feel safe.  The short meditation at the beginning of the music book describes how we hear and know where we need to be through the thoughts that come to us when we need them.

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The Chant is called “Inside My Very Own Mind”.  It directs us to look inside our thoughts for calm and direction.  The Fingerplay is “Stay Safe”.  There are many practical ways, as children,  to keep ourselves safe.  The Song is “Who Do You Know?”  There are many people we know who keep us safe, including a policeman.

When you share this song with your child, you are giving her many ways to feel safe.  Some of them are with you and some of them are with other people who are close to him.  The most valuable thing though, are the thoughts of calm which help direct your child when there is a need.  You can cultivate a feeling of confidence and safety as you teach your child this Theme.

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“What I Like to Do”

For many years, I taught early childhood music in Montessori classrooms.  I always loved to see how the children engaged themselves in the many choices of “work” which were provided for them.  The emphasis was not just on academic skills, but on skills for “practical life” as well.

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The wide range of activities presented in the song are only a few of the wide range available for young children.  Since we are all so unlimited, it is fun to see which other activities we can help provide for our very young children.

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“Cook, Sew and Build”

I remember my mother teaching me how to cook and to do simple sewing.  Later, she signed me up for a sewing course, so I could learn how to make my own clothes.  Although I learned how to use simple tools at home to do simple things like mount the can opener on the pantry door and hang pictures, my husband taught me how to use tools so I could make more things.

I love watching skilled artisans make marvelous cabinets and do intricate metal work.  Sewing couture accessories makes me drool!  Taking the time to do all the steps to make gourmet food is so worth it.  It is wonderful to know that these marvelous creations came from learning to do simple practical things.

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Themes for Songs, Chants, Fingerplays

There are five different types of themes for very young children.

The topics are Family and Community (F&C), World of Gardening (WOG), Seasons and Celebrations (S&C), World of Nature (WON), and Spiritual Treasure (ST).

Each Theme has a Chant, a Fingerplay, and a Song.

As you spend ten minutes of daily dedicated time with your child when you say the Chant, work the Fingerplay and sing the Song, your child will learn them with you.  Built on the intimacy between parent and child, these valuable ideas, vocabulary, humor, and charm will become part of your child’s personal concept of him/herself.  These will be the activities and values which you share together.

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